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Our Pastry Trays are perfect for:

Old World Pastry Trays


Our Old World Pastry Trays consist of the following assortments, all in bite-size form:

Old World Pastry Tray Pricing


Gourmet Miniature Pastry
Trays & Boxes


We create miniature versions of our European Cakes and Tortes, perfect for pick-up parties and buffet service.

The choices are endless but we recommend our standard assortments which include Petit Fours of Chocolate, Raspberry, Apricot and other flavors and Shortcrust Tartlettes filled with carmelized nuts or custard filled and fruit topped.

Gourmet Miniature Pastry Tray Pricing

Breakfast Trays


A Fresh Baked assortments of Breakfast Pastries including:

Breakfast Tray Pricing

Breakfast Trays are priced according to number of people served.

We are so glad that you considered our business for custom cake orders and Old-World style pastries. We want you to know that we will spend extra time planning the perfect pastry party trays for your next special occasion.

When you hire a catering service to prepare high-end party trays, you are not making a bulk purchase like you would in a giant box store. You are thinking through which flavors of pastries will look elegant and satisfy the discerning tastes of the guests who will attend the event. These pastries might also have to complement other menu items that you have selected for a special banquet or a wedding reception.

That’s where we come into the picture!

At Lucy’s Sweet Surrender, we have dedicated staff members, even professional bakers, who are waiting to discuss your custom order for Old World Gourmet Pastry Trays. These trays might even be designed to send out as gifts to your favorite suppliers or customers. Custom pastry trays make great gifts or additions to the menu of your special event.

Pastry trays are also an ideal way to create a scrumptious breakfast for your event attendees. People will browse around one of our Breakfast Pastry Trays Cleveland, OH and select the treat that will hold them over until lunch.

If you will have guests with special dietary needs, you are also encouraged to discuss the arrangements with our professional bakers. For example, some special events will surely host a number of people who cannot consume even a modest amount of sugar or complex carbohydrates. Even though we are accustomed to baking biscuits, pastries, cakes, and other treats in the Old-World style, it is easy for us to find modified pastry recipes that do not create a health risk for your guests.

For more information about placing an order for a custom pastry tray, such as for your next prayer breakfast or wedding reception, please call our bakery shop at 216-752-0828. Let’s work together to find a great price for your pastry order.

We are so glad you stopped by our home on the Web! Be sure to check back often for special offers on party trays.

It is fun to bake the kinds of treats that our customers love! You can share your love of Old-World baked treats by placing a custom order today. Remember that no customer request is too big or too small. Since we know we’ve got the baking skills you are looking for, rest assured that we will work hard to complete your order while surpassing your expectations!

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