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For custom cakes, please call to get a price.
Made-to-order scratch cakes include European- style tortes

Our Custom Cake Creations feature European recipes using the freshest ingredients, such as AA Butter, Whole Eggs, pure Madagascar Vanilla, imported Cocoa and Chocolates.
Our basic cakes are white cake, yellow cake or chocolate cake. Three layers with fillings such as French Buttercream, Ganache, or enhanced with pure jams and preserves. We also create fabulously light Chocolate Mousse or Lemon Mousse fillings, Mochas, and Key Lime Bavarian fillings.
We further enhance cakes with the addition of fresh-roasted nuts such as Hazelnut, Walnut, Pecan, Pistachio or Cashew.

The final custom cake can be as unusual or simple as you desire, but be assured it will be a taste your guests will remember.

Carrot — $48

A moist cake with walnuts, raisins, and cream cheese filling. We decorate this American cake "a la Francaise" with light vanilla buttercream and fresh roasted almonds. Also available in 1/2-sheet cakes or miniatures. 10" cake = 12 portions

Chocolate Cheesecake — $48

Our New York cheesecake with each slice coated with our homemade fudge (ganache) and topped with a white chocolate curl or chocolate dipped strawberry. 10" cake = 12 portions

Chocolate Decadence — $48

A dense dark chocolate cake topped with Chantilly and garnished with chocolate shavings and Chantilly rosettes. Each cake contains one pound of imported chocolate. We recommend serving with a raspberry puree. 10" cake = 12 portions

Chocolate Mint — $48

Three-layer chocolate cake with mint chocolate buttercream and cream de menthe syrup. Also available with mint chocolate mousse or white chocolate mint mousse filling. 10" cake = 12 portions

German Chocolate — $48

Classic buttermilk chocolate layer cake. Baked from scratch recipe with our own filling. Loaded with fresh walnuts and angel flake coconut. Finished with our ganache. 10" cake = 12 portions

German Poppyseed Pound — $30

A large decorative bundt cake rich with butter and eggs. The real lemon and poppyseed creates a refreshing taste. 9" cake = 10 portions

New York Cheesecake — $35

Our 3" high version of the classic made with fresh Vermont cream cheese, fresh cream, and pure vanilla, with a graham crust. 10" cake = 12 portions

Pistachio Buttercream — $48

Three-layered yellow cake flavored with triple sec, pistachio buttercream filling, and vanilla buttercream icing. Also available with hazelnuts, pecans, almonds, cashews, or walnuts. 10" cake = 12 portions

Strawberries & Cream — $48

Three layers of yellow cake filled with two pints of fresh strawberries and Chantilly cream. Cassatta version with custard cream also available. Decorated with whole strawberries and fresh roasted sliced almonds. 10" cake = 12 portions

White Chocolate Mousse — $48

Three-layer yellow or white cake with white chocolate mousse filling, iced in Chantilly Cream with white chocolate curls. 10" cake = 12 portions

White Forest — $48

Three-layered white cake filled with cherries and Chantilly Cream and flavored with cherry liquor. Covered with white chocolate shavings and powdered sugar. 10" cake = 12 portions

Sheet Cakes - $65/90

Basic yellow, chocolate, or white cake 3 layers with buttercream, whipped cream, many variations of fruits, chocolates, and nuts


Chocolate Mousse — $48

Three-layer chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse, iced with chocolate mousse, whipped cream, or ganache glaze, decorated with chocolate curls. 10" torte = 12 portions

Chocolate Walnut — $48

A rich chocolate torte full of fresh roasted and ground walnuts, soaked with a fruit brandy, and glazed with ganache. Rosettes of ganache with walnuts decorate the top. 10" torte = 12 portions

Italian Truffle — $48

A rich chocolate torte full of ground pecans and glazed in a very special chocolate buttercream, rich with egg yolks and rum. 10" torte = 12 portions

Lemon Mousse — $48

Three layers of yellow cake filled with airy lemon mousse filling. Soaked in fruit brandy and topped with Chantilly and raspberry cream swirled together. 10" torte = 12 portions

Vienna Mocha — $48

Thin vertical layers of chocolate cake and mocha buttercream top a layer of raspberry jam and vanilla cake. The cake is first iced in mocha buttercream, then glazed in milk chocolate. Each slice is decorated with mocha buttercream and a mocha bean. The sides are coated in fresh roasted sliced almonds. 10" torte = 12 portions


Fresh Blackberry & Cherry — $14

IQF blackberries and cherries barely held together with sugar and cornstarch, lemon, and butter. Homemade streusel topping.

Fresh Blueberry — $14

IQF Maine blueberries barely held together with sugar and cornstarch, lemon, and butter. Streusel topping. Available with crème fraiche glaze ($1 extra).

Fresh Georgia Peach and Raspberry — $14

IQF peaches barely held together with sugar and cornstarch, lemon, and butter. Also available in peach/blackberry, peach/black raspberry, or peach/pears.

Fresh Cherry — $14

IQF cherries barely held together with sugar and cornstarch, lemon, and butter.

Fresh Vanilla & Chocolate Cream — $16

Order with walnuts, roasted coconut, fresh banana, or customized to your desires. These pies use scratch pastry cream and cannot be held for more than 24 hours.
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